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Someone once asked me if I’m happy. And it kind of stung. I have made drastic decisions this year of cutting out people from my life and finally pursuing a childhood dream of going to law school. Life could have been so different otherwise.

So when I fail quizzes or miss out on events, of course, it is difficult. There are times I would rather be on social media than reading a case. (Obviously, this blog post is a product of procrastination.) I often find myself questioning why I am doing this – every night, at 9pm on my way home after a really long day.

My weekdays are full of early mornings, late nights, cases and discussions I don’t understand, questions I cannot answer and papers I have no idea how to write.

But it is also full of new learnings, really smart people, and a close up of this country’s history and culture.

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I only have Sundays to see my friends and take care of myself every week. I have 24 hours every week to recuperate from the stress and to somehow remind everyone in my life that I love them and that I am grateful for all the support I am given. But do I feel like I’m living for that one day only? No, I don’t. My Mondays to Saturdays are quite amazing in their own way. No more beach trips or spa dates on whim but hey, what a small price to pay.

Do I miss my old life? To be honest, no, I don’t. The fast-paced, on-the-go, event-filled life was a blast but it got tiring too fast. Right now, I’m living the dream. My dream. And I have to remind myself that every day so I know that I have to work hard to not lose this.


Back in January, I couldn’t imagine myself going to law school, much less UP Law. I have been told repeatedly that I am not smart enough for this. But I passed that exam. I am here, and I want to make it last.

So am I happy? Yes. Yes, I am. Really really stressed but happy. 🙌🏻💘


10 Ways of #SelfCare

With the busy bustle of life, it isn’t uncommon to sacrifice luxuries for a demanding job and a few side hustles.

This generation has glorified the idea of being busy so much that it has forgotten that rest is actually required for our body to function.

Thankfully, a new trend is emerging. If you check the hashtag #selfcare on social media, photos of men and women in yoga pants or spas will pop out. The youth is listening to their bodies and taking time for their general well-being.

When the going gets tough, turn off your phone and try one of these self-care tips:

1. Hike.

Be closer to nature. Mountaineering is one of the trendiest activities lately which means it’s much easier to find an organized trip to Mt. Pulag or Mt. Balagbag. The timeout from technology and the undiscovered trails will allow your mind to leave the stress behind.

2. Or go island-hopping

There is no shortage in beautiful islands to see in the Philippines, and some are just a few hours away. Uncommercialized islands transport you to different world compared to the concrete jungle we normally trudge on a day-to-day basis.

Click this link to be re-directed to the full article on Junglepost.

In An Alternate Universe

Disclaimer: I don’t want to compare digital nomads with students, lawyers or full-time practitioners. This isn’t about that. As long as you’re happy, there’s no problem with me. This is simply me, weighing and overthinking my options.


Have you ever thought of how you would live your life in alternate universe? I have, and the vision is pretty clear in my head. I dream of palm trees against a blue sky, sand in my feet, salty hair, the sound of the waves splashing the shore and fresh seafood.


The island life is just too tempting to say no to. Especially since I had all the chances to pursue it. I love what I used to do. That’s why I decided to continue working despite my decision to pursue law school. I like curating Instagram images, creating Facebook ads, organizing Twitter parties. I enjoy talking to the press, planning press conferences and writing. The best part of it was I could do it anywhere there’s wifi.


When I decided to quit my job this year, I had two options: choose freelancing and build my own clientele or pursue law school. Obviously, I chose law school, but before that, I asked a friend caught in a similar conundrum, “What if, after law school, I realize that I still want the other life more?”


She said, “Eh `di i-pursue mo naman. Pero at least, tapos ka na dito, alam mo na.”

So maybe one day, I will still be in an island, fresh buko in hand, but for today, I’m attending classes in Malcolm. Who knows what happens after 5 years? I guess I just have to live through it to find out.



To give you an insight about my “alternate universe”, here’s a video by CNBC International on the digital nomad life.

Photos from my trip to Potipot Island this January.

I’ve decided otherwise.



Hello, I’m back. ♥

I wonder if anyone still passes by this little blog on the Internet. Ever since I closed down my old blog, I haven’t found the drive to post consistently. I haven’t written for myself much either. But I need to take a moment to pause and calm myself. Nothing worked better before than writing. So, here I am with my faulty word play and tangled thoughts.

2016 was a difficult year. As my best friend put it, I was “too lost”. I had no idea what to do with my life. Time always felt like it was running out. Despite the successful projects and numerous events, life felt empty. My priorities needed re-straightening. I was doing so much yet the people around me never seemed to be happy about it. This year, I realized… I didn’t need to do more. I need new people, those that will be happy to see me happy.

So I paid off my debts, quit my job, cut ties with a lot of toxic people, threw away a lot of stuff and FINALLY applied for law school (not exactly in that order.) I applied out of whim, not really sure if I will pass. (More about this in a separate post)

I found out I qualified in April and enrolled in June. Classes started this week, and I already have a lot of readings. But this time, the sleepless nights coming doesn’t feel so futile.

People say, you’re always one decision away from a completely different life. That’s not always true. You have to keep deciding. You have to keep choosing. You have to choose yourself every time. So even if it means missing out on activities, losing friends or skipping out on what everyone else tells you to do, spend your time on what you really want.

I was very afraid to lose people, titles, money and other trivial things that I held on to all the wrong things. I changed into someone I didn’t like, thinking it was the right person to be. But I’ve decided otherwise.

I’m not doing things anymore in search of consistency and happiness. I now know that I can be happy now, and sad tomorrow. Only if I want to. That  I have control over my emotions. Each of us is given 24 hours a day. And I’m investing each minute in making myself happy. People will come and go. There will always be an important event somewhere. Those who really deserve your time are the ones who will stay despite everything.

Letters to Malcolm


Mahal kong Malcolm,

Hindi ko alam paano sisimulan isalin sa mga salita lahat ng nais kong ipaalam sa ‘yo. Sinubukan kong lumayo, sinubukan kong lumimot. Pero heto ako. Muling lumalapit sa `yo. Nandito ako para magpakilala. Tapos na ang panahong tatanawin lang kita mula sa malawak na lupain. Abot kamay na kita.

Andito na ulit ako. Handa na akong umuwi sa `yo.

#Staycation at Azure Urban Resort Residences

Last year, I had been very busy with work. A lot of family problems arose, including my dad’s stroke. I barely had time for leisure, much less for out-of-town trips. Thankfully, my friends decided to book a room at Azure to celebrate my birthday in November.


Everyone was posting about the place, so we decided to check it out. Unfortunately, I don’t have the number of the owner of the room. If you’re interested to book, you can just check Facebook and Instagram. Some units are also available via Air BnB. Make sure to compare which ones have better service and lower prices. Room rates varies from P2, 800 to P3, 500. Each room usually accommodates 4 people, and we have been told that Azure is very strict about guest limits.

The room we got was fully furnished with adorable and girly trinkets. It also overlooked the pool. We were lucky to get a room in the higher floors, but if you’re not able to, you can always hang out at the roof deck which has chairs and benches and overlooks the metro.

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My friends decided to use the kitchen and cook but if you want to get takeout, it won’t be a hassle at all. SM Bicutan is right across the street which coincidentally had a fireworks display that night while we were having dinner! #swerte

We spent the night having a movie marathon and goofing around. Then, in the morning, we tried swimming at the Paris Hilton Beach Club. It features a man-made beach and a wave pool. The club is definitely the main  attraction of Azure. It only charges a 20 Pesos entrance fee to the guests. However, by late morning,  the pool got too crowded so we had to go back up to our room.

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Overall, our stay in Azure was pleasing and worthwhile. I lived for quick staycations to give my mind a breather in between the stress. Ultimately, it was the company that I enjoyed the most. I cannot wait to see these girls again!